"Letters to My Christian Friends Darryl and Others"

Book Overview

My name is Millet Harrison Jr., and I am a new author from the Houston, Texas area (currently residing in Rusk), with a newly published book on religion, entitled "Letters to My Christian Friends, Darryl and Others". The book talks a lot about Purgatory and End Times events, as well as, other topics of interest, and consist of 179 pages. It is currently being sold on Amazon.com for a list price of $20.00 for the paperback, and $9.99 for the eBook. Arrangements have been made to also start selling the book in Barnes & Noble book stores and barnesandnoble.com. I am published by a small press publisher – Brentwood Christian Press – out of Columbus, Georgia.

There has been much conversation, of lately, by bible scholars as to whether we are living in the End Times. I would say that this book talks a lot about Purgatory and the End Times, and is one of few books that I know of, other than the Holy Bible, that specifically prepares one for today's living, as well as, the fastly approaching events of the End Times – ie., what to expect and how to deal with it. It touches on or addresses subject matters not generally tackled and/or addressed by most books on religion that I know of. An understanding of the idea of Purgatory – what it is and does it exist today? – is essential to our coming to the realization that the coming of the end could be anytime, even today or tomorrow.

This book not only gives an exhaustive and indepth discussion on Purgatory, but it also sites scriptural backings (from the King James Version of the Bible) in support of such discussions. It also talks about traditional ideas on righteous living, the difference between a soul and a spirit, whether or not earthly animals can be saved and/or make it to heaven, as well as, whether we will recognize our friends and/or love ones in heaven. It talks about Who Can Be Saved – the idea of "A Christian At Heart". And, what about Homosexuals, Atheists, and Agnostics – can they too make it to heaven? How about the followers of Muhammad, Confucius, or Buddha? It also talks about the first resurrection and the 1000 year reign with Jesus, mentioned in Revelation 20th chapter – whether both have already occurred or are yet to come. It talks about why God set the condition – " not from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil". It talks about who committed the Unforgivable Sin (Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost), and whether or not man ever can commit it. This book also talks about topics such as Racism, Closed Communion, Soul Food – what it is?, Polygamy, and Divorce. As part of it's End Times discussion, it talks about the Great Tribulation – how the righteous can make it through those trying times without too much harm or danger, the Rapture of the Church – how and when it will happen or occur, and how will others know it has happened, the Mark of the Beast – what is the significance of (666)?, and much more. It even gives an estimate of how many of God's angels actually defected with Satan, as well as, give a clue as to how the Antichrist will be revealed. And, no End Times analysis would be considered complete, without a brief discussion on the Two Witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelations.

I have gotten a lot of favorable comments on the book from many who read it. A recent reader of the book made the following comment – "Before reading your book, I never understood Purgatory or what the End Times would be like. Now, I feel that I have a better understanding of both". I strongly recommend that both Christians and non-Chritians alike take the time to read this book, for it can truly prepare one for those final days, and, eventually, for Eternity. Also, just this past January, a major book review company gave the book a (5) star rating, which I am including in my list of Book Reviews.

Although I have not done as good a job as I would have liked in publicizing the book, I plan to do more in the near future. Thanking you in advance ...

Yours in Christ,

Millet Harrison, Jr.